Mello’s Dirty Sweetness

Sweet_MelloHer smile is as sweet as the food she creates. If you’ve ever tasted Mello Sanchez’s pastries, you know she adds true love to every recipe as a vital ingredient. You know her voice– she is a DJ for the KUNM 89.9 radio show, Afternoon Freeform. You know her edible art, if you’ve shamelessly devoured her desserts at the Artichoke Cafe in the last year. Mello treats baking with the eyes of a visual artist, and the heart of a poet. She also knows how to get down and dirty.

If you’re on the fence about attending the ABQZF Dirty Zine Reading consider this: Mello is baking deliciously dirty, VEGAN cookies just for the occasion, and we thought we’d talk to her about it!


What kinds of cookies are you making for the Dirty Zine Reading?

Dirty, flirty cookies! I made some kinda silly, dirty cookies for Valentine’s Day, last year. They looked so pretty! I made’em like hearts, and added lettering, in icing.

YES. Yes, yes, yes! How hard is that? To WRITE on a cookie?

Decorating the cookies is not too hard. You do need a steady hand for the writing. That is the most difficult part. I have a lot of practice with it. When I first started making these cookies, getting the right consistency of the icing was tricky. What works for me is a somewhat loose icing that sets moderately quickly.

Did you say icing? Um, you had us at icing. . . 

Yeah, I think people will dig these cookies! Hmm. . . at the last dirty zine reading, I won one of Anita Margarita’s Cockies– the penis cookie! They were the best. I was sitting there, eating dick all night! Ha!


Oh Mello– only you could get away with saying that and still be adorable. ADORKable, rather.

Thanks, Mello!

PS– Anita Margarita is making special cockies to be raffled off tomorrow, along with other wonderful and useful prizes! Be there! 

Photos courtesy of Mello Sanchez.

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