Journalzining in Albuquerque

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by Marya Errin Jones

The New-media Wilderness. Sure is Lewis and Clarky up in here. Very, very Daniel Booney. Glad that we at ABQ Zine Fest have some new sources for information to go to when we’re in the need to know. Let’s just say that the world of journalism in New Mexico has undergone some serious shake-ups lately, and for the better, we think! There are a few new sources to turn to for art, news, music, local politics and more, that we’d like to talk about. Let’s get started!

Marisa Demarco, former editor at the Weekly Alibi was unceremoniously dismissed a few months ago, as if you didn’t notice. YOU DID. It was straight-up Dickensian, if you ask us. But, you can’t keep a great editor down. Ms. Demarco, along with a dedicated group of writers, editors and designers, launched the online news source, The New Mexico Compass, in late December. If you haven’t clicked through the New Mexico Compass, there’s NO WAY you can shoulder the heft of your part of an intelligent conversation about local politics. Seriously, no way– and with the New Mexico Legislature in session right now, there is a lot of schmatta to wade through. Aside from the weekly KUNM Call-In Show with Elaine Baumgartel, few news sources offer in-depth stories on local politics better than the Compass. You’ll be hard-pressed to read news that’s just as engaging as the “fun” articles. News IS fun at NM Compass. No wonder Local iQ has practically given NM Compass the run of their news desk during the New Mexico Legislature session.

We’re also pretty excited that some of our zinester friends are writing for the new online magazine, Pyragraph. Expect great articles on music, art, design, film, writing and more, coming your way from people like Eva Avenue of the Nightly Noodle Monthly.


Pyragraph just launched, like a minute ago, but it seems they’ve been working behind the scenes for a while, to build up their site. While cruising the bright and colorful Pyragraph today, it was great to find an article written in November about the 2012 ABQ Zine Fest and zines, in general, penned by Billy McCall, Chicago transplant and veteran zinester, currently based in New Mexico. You don’t know Billy, until you’ve read his zines. You may do so, here.

Whoa. Now, hold on. Before we get carried away, let’s not forget the online sources that have fed us in the lean and in between times, and continue to serve up good food for thought. Samantha Anne Carrillo and Rudolfo Carrillo have been writing articles on art, music and news in the 505 (and the 575) at Things in Light for more the two years. There are few champions of local culture like TIL. (Samantha Anne Carrillo is pulling double-duty as the current music editor at the Alibi so KEEP READING because her articles and her editing are spot on.) Mike Smith, who now has a regular column in the Weekly Alibi, thrilled us with his newsku (that’s, um . . . news+haiku-like) tweets on his Twitter feed. The New Mexico News  reports New Mexico news events in 140 characters or less (and also has an occasional print run). New Mexico News is currently on hiatus. If you’re trying to track down that moveable feast known as the Albuquerque Food Trucks, Follow Eric will keep you up on all the tasty, rollin’, local faire. Launched on Facebook back in August of last year, Inhabitants of Albuquerque might make you fall in love with Albuquerque again.

We know we haven’t touched on ALL of the great online sources in New Mexico that chronicle our daily lives, but hey, someone’s gotta chop up those pretty dead trees and make some zines.