Beatnik Bike-In TONIGHT!















Beatnik Bike-In is THIS EVENING at the Tannex, 8pm! Just FIVE SMACKERS, in support of ABQZF. (If you are going on the ride, it starts at the UNM Duck Pond at 6pm for a Bosque ride, ending at the Tannex.) Either way you get there, it’s going to be a fun evening of popcorn, poems and stories. See you cats there!

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The World Loves a Bad Girl

Tahnee Udero and ABQZF present:

Friday, September 12th at 8PM
@ The Tannex, 1417 4th Street SW
Zine Reading ++ Sing-a-Long Film Screening ++ Popcorn ++ Prizes
Raise some coin for ABQZF!

Tahnee’s DESPERATE YOUTH ZINE Volume 2 is all about GIRL GANGS! The world loves a bad girl, as we love girl gangs even more!

FIVE DOLLARS gets you in, plus a change to win a YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Tom Tom Magazine– the world’s only magazine dedicated to female drummers! This is awesome!

Desperate Youth

Let’s talk about . . .


Liza Liza and Hunter MC a fun, sexy night of smutty, smutty trivia to raise money for ABQ Zine Fest!! Test your sexy knowledge! Win prizes! This SATURDAY, August 30th 8pm at the Tannex TEAM UP and pay just 10 bucks (teams of up to 5 players).

Yummy treats!
Zine Readings!

Prizes donated by:
Betty’s Bath & Day Spa

Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center

Goddess Bod


Ale Republic

Elissa McGovern

Tom Tom Magazine

Duke City Donuts

It’s going to be a nice and naughty night!!




CLICK HERE to sign up!

Registration CLOSES on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th at MIDNIGHT! Space is limited. Don’t wait!



Wanna VOLUNTEER and help make this year’s fest the absolute best? Please do! Fill out the contact form and away we go. THANKS!

TESLA Reading and Book Signing with Illustrator Elizabeth Haidle


Photo by Steven David Johnson

Photo by Steven David Johnson

A year in the making, and now Mind Afire: The Visions of TESLA is here!

Come hear Elizabeth read from the graphic novel– you’ll probably want to buy your own autographed copy.

If you’ve been considering crowd sourcing to fund your next creative project, find out just how Elizabeth, and collaborator Abigail Samoun surpassed their Kickstarter goal by a remarkable 749%.

TESLA Reading
@ The Tannex

Abigail Samoun, author:
During her ten years as a children’s book editor, Abigail has edited board books, picture books, middle-grade novels, & young-adult novels for Tricycle Press, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Little Brown. She co-founded Red Fox Literary agency in 2012

Elizabeth Haidle, illustrator:
Working from northern New Mexico, she juggles painting, graphic design, & clawhammer banjo. Recent illustration projects include *cover design & imagery for ‘Encyclopedia of the Exquisite’ (by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins) Random House, Fall 2011 * illustrations for picture book series ‘Olivier & the Magic Paintbrush’ (by Menno Visser) Parvenu Publishing, Spr 2013.

Valentine’s Day Dirty Zine Reading at the Tannex!

We’re BACK!!

Come to the Tannex, Friday, February 14th at 7pm for naughty crafts, zines, music and, DAMN!

Jessica Helen Lopez reads from her new book:

Music’tudes The JEEBIES!
No two The Jeebies shows are alike! Here’s a taste:

Experimental performance by Barb Geary!


ZINE Readings by:
Ruby le Coq
Alex Ross-Raymond
Dirty SKYPE by Andy

MORE!  Just $5



THANKS for making the 3rd Annual ABQ Zine Fest event SO GREAT. Do you realize that happened THIS MONTH? Yeah– seems like a world away . . .

THIS FRIDAY we’re hosting an evening of music and a few zine readings, too! Hope you can make it!

Help keep FOOD IN THE MOUTHS of the Baby Gatas!
The Tannex hosts an event to help keep some heads above water, making a way when they can . . .

Dia_de_los_MadresUP THE HOLLER “Original songs of love and freezing to death. Bluegrass music in the old-time hills style.”

S: Radical Mom and ZINESTER FOR LIFE

MERMA & ROBERTA: Duo that claims to be from New Jersey, loves Alpaca Buttah and Designing Women.

SEVEN PM sharp. For the babies. . .
1417 4th. St. SW
(Original artwork by Dhaveed Woody.)

Zinester Interview with Alex the Intrepid!



Alex Wrekk is in town from Portland, OR! Like Ms. Adderley, Alex Wrekk trekked across a handful of states to table at our fledging wee fest– why don’t you come down and get some zines from her distro, Portland Button Works, and check our her long-running zine– Brainscan.

Please tell us about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF!

Portland Button Works will bring our whole zine distro including my personal zine, Brainscan. We will also have our whole catalog of zine themed buttons. I’ve been creating Brainscan since 1997 and it is a zine that has grown as changed over the years some topics have included: travel, stories, reproductive health, love, recovery from emotional abuse, and more wrapped in stark black and white photocopier art layout.

What do you say when someone asks you,  “What are zines?”

Sounds like magazine, without the “maga”. They are like small self published magazine where people get to tell their own story or include their own art. Zines are physical things (e-zines are not zines!) but there is also a large network of communities that celebrate and participate in the culture of zines.

Do you have a zine crush? If so, are you willing to reveal the object of your zine affection?

Of course, but I’m not telling you!

What’s the most challenging thing about zine making?

Finding the time to make them these days.

How long have you been writing zines, and how did you get started?What do you enjoy most about making zines?

I started my first zine in 1994, but didn’t put it out until 1995. I keep reading them and one day it hit me “I can make these too!”

Roughly how many zines do you archive in your personal collection?

Thousands and thousands over the years. I’ve been passing them on lately, though.

So much of the written word we now experience via digital media. Why are zines important?

Because zines can get to places that digital media can’t. There is something very special about the tangibility of zines and holding something in your hand that you know the creator of it touched it as well.


Thanks, Alex!





Queen of the Road: Zinester, Mother, Publisher, Sage Adderley

Sage_ARight now, zinesters are motoring across the deserts of ‘MERICA, soon to arrive in Albuquerque for ABQZF (It’ll be a speedy journey, as nearly all of the Nation’s national parks are CLOSED, but all the better for US. Get here already)!

One such zinester is Sage Adderley, cruising in from Olympia, Washington. Sage is the proud owner of Sweet Candy Distro, one of the most orderly and and diverse distros in all the land.  Sweet Candy works with writers from all over the US and around the globe. Topics featured in SCD include mental health, feminism, body image, gender, parenting, food, travel, art, survival, fiction stories, and so much more. Check it out! The amazing Sage also runs Sage’s Blog Tours-- an online service that secures “book tours” for authors via the pages of popular literary blog sites. WHAT?! Like we said, BRILLIANT.

If that weren’t enough, Sage, mother of three, also just added a book publishing arm to Sweet Candy. She just released Heavy Hangs the Head, by zinester Taryn Hipp (Lady Teeth), and is currently collaborating with zinester Jonas Cannon (Cheer the F Up) to publish his book, The Greatest Most Traveling Circus. In fact, they just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds to get the book to press. Click the photo below to screen their campaign video!


Photo by Courtney Dowdall







A zinester in her own right, Sage will be tabling her long-running zines, Marked for Life and the comp zine about loving your body,  FAT-TASTIC. She’s also writing and editing her first novel. (Jeez! Did we mention she has THREE KIDS? How do you do it, Sage?!) You can take a look at Sage’s zines right here.But why not save you dollars and purchase zines from Sage in person, on Saturday at ABQZF?!


Photos courtesy of Sage Adderley and Courtney Dowdall.

Zinester Interview with John & Jennifer Myers: Love & Comics

ABQ Zine Fest is this SATURDAY and SUNDAY. From now until the fest, we’ll be highlighting some of the zinesters exhibiting at The Tannex, The Tan, and Small Engine Gallery on Saturday, October 5th. NEXT: John and Jenn Myers


Please tell us about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF!

We plan to have three this year:

1. All the Growing Things (written and drawn by Jennifer Myers): a comic book about Maude, an old woman who finds her garden is under siege by strange monsters. To save it she ventures into a mysterious underworld full of bizarre creatures, cultists and cats.

2. The Vagus Street Rehabilitation Project (written by John Myers and drawn by Jennifer Myers:  a comic book that combines a series of loosely connected ghost stories about the haunted Vagus Street Housing Project. (

3. The Era of Great Wonders (written by John Myers and drawn by Jennifer Myers: a comic book about the war between giant monsters told in the words of the people who lived through it. (

What do you say when someone asks you,  “What are zines?”

Technically, self published magazines and books but I tend to think its more about a community of like minded individuals all working to support each other creatively.

Do you have a zine crush? If so, are you willing to reveal the object of your zine affection?


What’s the most challenging thing about zine making?

Time. Making anything creative is hard work. Making something creative in your free time is exhausting.

How long have you been writing zines, and how did you get started?

I love making things. Taking an idea from concept to completion is one of the best feelings in the world.

What do you enjoy most about making zines?

That amazing rush of feeling vulnerability and accomplishment at the same time whenever I finish writing, laying out, xeroxing, folding, stapling and putting out a new issue. That and the connecting with others doing zines through mail and in person, too.

Roughly how many zines do you archive in your personal collection?

I just started picking up material at last year’s Zinefest, so only a dozen or so.

So much of the written word we now experience via digital media. Why are zines important?

Physical media is special in a lot ways, books, comics, magazines they all have a physicality that we can connect to and attach our memories to. More importantly, we can share them in a way can’t with digital media, it’s easy to pass a book or a magazine along in a way that is difficult with digital media.

Thanks, Jennifer & John

Check out their work at ABQZF this Saturday. On Sunday, John and Jennifer will teach their discussion/workshop: Creative Couples–How To Work With The One You Love.